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Open on short edge 450 x---mm

Custom Coloured Envelopes Envelopes

Open on short edge 450 x---mm

  • Click on image to enlarge - Envelopes with a peel & seal flap on the short edge
  • Delivered within 5 working days
  • Scroll down to bottom of this page to view colour chart

  •     Prices excl. delivery & VAT - For a total cost select the number of boxes required and click Add

    2 - 5
    6 - 10
    Qty Colour
    PP000-4 450 x 320 choice of 80 colours boxed 50's 135gsm 50 114.00  103.00  91.20 
    PP827-4 C3 455 x 325 choice of 80 colours boxed 50's 135gsm 50 115.00  103.50  92.00 
    PP864-4 455 x 350 choice of 80 colours boxed 50's 135gsm 50 119.00  107.00  95.20 
    PP000-4 490 x 350 choice of 80 colours boxed 50's 135gsm 50 120.00  108.00  96.00 
    PP000-4 520 x 090 choice of 80 colours boxed 50's 135gsm 50 87.00  78.30  69.60 

    Click on colour to enlarge - Samples? email: samples@ppenvelopes.co.uk

    Dark 135gsm
    Mid 135gsm
    Wheat 135gsm
    Beige 135gsm
    Manilla 150gsm
    Buff 135gsm
    Manilla Ribbed 150gsm
    Havana 135gsm
    Peat 135gsm
    Tanned 135gsm
    Black 150gsm
    Pearlescent 120gsm
    Dark 135gsm
    Gunmetal 135gsm
    Grey 135gsm
    Pale 135gsm
    Cool 135gsm
    Steel 150gsm
    Urban 150gsm
    Pearlescent 120gsm
    Tempest 135gsm
    Dreadnought 135gsm
    Racing 135gsm
    Forest 135gsm
    Olive 135gsm
    Lime 150gsm
    Emerald 135gsm
    Pistacio 135gsm
    Pale 135gsm
    Mint 135gsm
    Clover 150gsm
    Evergreen 135gsm
    Eau de Nil 150gsm
    Mint Pearl.120gsm
    Pearlescent 120gsm
    Sage 150gsm
    Green Tonic 150gsm
    Brooklands 135gsm
    Botanical 135gsm
    Shamrock 135gsm
    Turquoise 135gsm
    Navy 135gsm
    Dark 135gsm
    Saturn 250gsm
    Regal 135gsm
    Monaco 150gsm
    Light 135gsm
    Ocean 135gsm
    Sky 135gsm
    Blue 135gsm
    Peacock 150gsm
    Baby Pearl.120gsm
    Pearlescent 120gsm
    Baby 150gsm
    Aqua Pearl 120gsm
    Dartmouth 135gsm
    Baby 150gsm
    Fushia 135gsm
    Pink 150gsm
    Salmon 150gsm
    Cerise 150gsm
    Fushia Pearl.120gsm
    Baby Pearl.120gsm
    Blush 150gsm
    Hibiscus 135gsm
    Lilac 135gsm
    Violet 150gsm
    Deep 135gsm
    Amethyst 135gsm
    Purple 150gsm
    Lilac Pearl.120gsm
    Pearlescent 120gsm
    Plum 150gsm
    Heather 135gsm
    Lavender 135gsm
    Bright 150gsm
    Cinnabar 135gsm
    Wine 135gsm
    Claret 135gsm
    Coral 150gsm
    Pearlescent 120gsm
    Crimson 150gsm
    Apricot 150gsm
    Orange 150gsm
    Tangerine 150gsm
    Clementine 150gsm
    Post it 135gsm
    Golden 150gsm
    Bright 150gsm
    Saffron 135gsm
    Turmeric 135gsm
    Plain 150gsm
    Pearlescent 120gsm
    Textured 135gsm
    Off White 150gsm
    Antique 150gsm
    Silk 150gsm
    Laid 150gsm
    Milk 150gsm
    Off White Pearl 120gsm
    Ivory 150gsm
    Pearlescent 120gsm
    Textured 135gsm
    Cream 150gsm
    Vellum 135gsm
    Champagne 150gsm
    Antique 150gsm
    Natural 150gsm
    Straw 135gsm
    Silver 120gsm
    Gold 120gsm
    Bronze 120gsm
    Copper 120gsm

    Please note that due to limitations in the way browsers and monitors display colours these are for guidance only

    We recommend you call for samples before ordering.

    All Prices are excluding VAT

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