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Behind every thing we do is the belief that the envelope is just as important as what's being put inside it. Remember the envelope is the first thing that the recipient will see and feel and will immediately create an impression positive or negative on what's inside.

How do you dress when you want to create a good impression? Well the same goes for that expensive sales brochure or important event invite , make sure it is properly "dressed" is an good quality, well fitting envelope.

Here are a few of the envelopes that Pitshanger have been involved in producing for customers in the past.

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125 x 90mm Seed packets - peel & seal pocket - Vintage manilla 170gsm - printed 1/1 - qty : 1,000
162 x 114mm (C6) peel & seal pocket - white 150gsm - printed 4/4 - gold foiling to face & reverse - qty : 5,000
120 x 100mm Donation envelope - white 150gsm - printed 2/2 - 89mm perforated flap with a 69mm "bangtail" reply slip - qty : 1,000
114 x 162mm (C6) Donation envelope - white 150gsm - printed 4/4 - perfoated "bangtail" back reply coupon - qty : 5,000
165 x 240mm Prospectus envelope - white 150gsm - printed 4/4 - deep cut throat - die cut "tuck in" flap - qty : 1,000
70 x 115mm Donation Envelope - white 150gsm - peel & seal flap - printed 2/1 - "easi-2-open" perforation - qty : 30,000
229 x 162mm (C5) Donation envelopes - white 150gsm - printed 4/4 - 145mm perforated "bangtail" reply slip - qty : 5,000
120 x 160mm donation envelope - peel & seal wallet with an extended flap - white 150gsm - printed 4/4 - qty : 2,000
145 x 100mm Jewellery repair envelopes - white 150gsm - ptd 2 colour - consecutively number - perforated customer reply slip- qty : 1,250
240 x 170mm all board pocket - conveted from customers printed sheets - "zip-rip" flap - square aperture in face - qty : 2,000
213 x 155mm menu holders - converted from customers printed sheets - topless half moon pocket + die cut aperture to face - qty 68,000
100 x 229mm - PP588-1 - peel & seal wallet, white 150gsm, printed 4/4 with full bleed - quantity : 2,000
110 x 110mm p&s wallet red 150gsm ptd black
DL & C5 white 160gsm ptd CMYK with bleed to flap
C6 Printed Donation envelopes with perforated coupon
81 x 115mm receipt envelope with tuck in flap
215x110mm pocket white 250gsm with die cut tear drops
DL wallet die cut flap blind embossed and ptd CMYK
C5 229 x 162mm white 150gsm printed CMYK to bleed
120x100mm white 150gsm print CMYK with perforated bangtail
C5 white 150gsm printed CMYK with full bleed
125x90mm white donation envelope printed all over
C6 Printed Donation envelopes with perforated coupon
110x160 voucher envelopes special print inside & out
DL white 150gsm printed CMYK
97x107mm Tuck flap ptd black outside and PMS368 inner wash
100 x 100mm white 150gsm printed CMYK
155 x 155mm white 250gsm printed CMYK
Credit size envelopes white 150gsm printed black
C6 & DL Champagne 150gsm paper lined in gold
C5 printed PMS2746 to face with matching inner wash
C7-81x115mm wallets in wine 135gsm printed in silver
135x185mm black 150gsm wallet paper lined in red
C5 wallet converted from customers pre printed sheets
215x215mm white 150gsm ptd.CMYK & lined in black
C5 pocket in Dayglo fluorescent pink 350gsm board
C6 donation env. with perforated reply coupon ptd 4 colou
105x75mm donation envelope printed 4 colours
C4 white 140gsm printed 4 colour without “wrap around” print
C7 invite reply white with black printing & matching lining
C5 converted from customers pre-printed 250gsm sheets
C5 white 140gsm with fushia pink lining and matching print to face
120 x 180mm jewellers reciept env. black 120gsm foiled in gold
255 x 200mm with side seam orange 135gsm print black 2 sides
100 x 100mm white 140gsm printed 4 colour 100% coverage
215x215mm pale grey 135gsm printed 4 colour
A6 gold & silver gift voucher wallets litho printed in black
A5 black 135gsm with metallic silver lining
C4 black 175gsm envelope foiled in copper
DL 140gsm with Dyglo pink lining & 2 colour print
60x90mm metallic textured gold litho printed in black
DL white 140gsm printed black & pink all over + tints & sealer
C6 Donation env. with perforated reply coupon- printed 4 colour
US #10 envelopes converted from printed sheets supplied
244x255mm white 140gsm with custom window & litho printed in black
US #10 envelopes printed and then foiled in silver
White 140gsm envelopes "washed" to match PMS7545
A6 Gift Voucher envelopes printed in silver
Black A6 envelopes foiled anfd lined in fushia pink
Ivory 250gsm 250x230mm pocket with tuck in flap
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